Recently I've been getting some questions and comments about the secular record collection I recently purchased and posted pictures of on Facebook. The collection contains records from Rick James, Aretha Franklin, Speeches from President Kennedy, Soul II Soul, Andrae Crouch, Bob Marley, James Brown, Mighty Clouds of Joy, Evita (Broadway Soundtrack), Led Zeppelin, Grover Cleveland, The  BeeGees, Ray Charles, Jackson Browne, Shirley Ceaser, Erick B. & Rakim and many others. Given the stance I'm known for taking on secular music, particularly secular Hip-hop music, I think its only right that I offer up an explanation and give an account for those who might have questions or need understanding.

1stly and foremostly (I just made up the word "formostly"), its an investment in my company. I'm in the business of music, media, publishing, production, video, web development, etc. I might even sell some of these records before I ever hear them. Let's think bigger fam.

Don't let people brain wash you into thinking that evil music is somehow worse than evil movies, ratchet Reality T.V. Shows, demonic Video Games, Worldstar Hip-hop, MediaTakeOut, etc. My philosophy is that "mostly" ALL of it is the same, so its wise to moderate "ALL OF IT". You can't very well watch movies every weekend w/ sex scenes, cussing, blasphemy, gratuitous violence and degeneracy, and watch all these perverted humor filled comedies w/ no conviction and turn around and say "I don't listen to secular music" like you're supposed to get props for your heroic effort of sacrifice. I pray God help me to be sensitive to ALL that passes through the gates of my eyes and ears. Don't be deceived and think that b/c you don't listen to secular music that you're out of danger...its like choosing not to take poison in your drink, but accepting it in your food. Either way, its poison, and either way, you die...so sip and eat carefully b/c we can't fully escape it all. (smh). Trying to "ONLY" intake "clean" media is like trying to eat "pure food" with no pesticides, chemicals or hormones 100% of the time...It's impossible. No? I'd like to see you try. So what do you do? You eat as best you can, and trust God with the rest.

Remember, the Bible says "the lamp of the body is the 'EYE'" (Matthew 6:22), not the ear.

And for those that aren't believers or followers of Christ that are reading this, you may or may not understand this dynamic of being a Christian, but it doesn't mean that you're not being affected. Look at what you watch and listen to, and look at how much of it you see reflected in your own life. How much of the crap you listen to and watch and love and entertain do you see in your life and in your loved one's and in your children and in your opposite sex relationships? Because I've got tons of it in my own. I don't "blame" media or music, but we ALL know how powerful and influential it is in our lives. Let's keep it a buck: This stuff has got its hooks in us something terrible. And hey, I'm not telling you what to do with it, I'm just bringing it to your attention. Jesus loves you.

"But back to the lecture at hand" (Snoop Dogg). I hope that makes it clear for anyone with questions. Personally, I don't blanket the issue. I choose what to listen to and watch on a case by case, day by day, moment by moment basis. I hope that gives some clarity. Pray for yourself and see where that line and limit is for you and your family, and set the standard and try your best to uphold it and be mindful of it. Let's #GrowTheHeckUp

2 Response to Secular Movies vs. Secular Music: Pick Your Poison

Friday, March 09, 2012 12:26:00 PM

Well said my brother, there's no way you can fully rid yourself of secular media just like you can't rid yourself from all bad foods.Continue to speak the truth my brother and guard your heart

Friday, March 23, 2012 2:45:00 PM

Good blog. I had a Sunday School student tell me that she can't ever fully get away from secular music after talking to a friend about wanting to go to a Wiz Khalifa concert. I said you are absolutely right, but you don't have to eat everything they put on your plate. Becareful what you ingest into your spirit.